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{PAY} Fullbodies by Grace-Adopts
Spooky santa for YorutheMidnightWolf part 2 by Infernotale
Trick or Treat by hydranoid09
Demon Ryuunu by Boinder
+Ryuunu-DtA Contest #3 - Entries: 1 - CLOSED+ by Cachomon
Lava Themed Ryuunu [OPEN] by Cachomon
SHINY Hoenn Starters DNA Ryuunu Puppies [OPEN] by Cachomon
How about this Ryuunu? IDK
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Simba RP (2017) by Bigotitos
Gangar RP Sheet by WildGengars
Titsia RP Sheet by Sarahdog2009
Bitacora RP Sheet by VonKellcsiis
Ryuunu Tournament Branch 2017 [WINNERS!] by Cachomon
Ryuunu Torunament Final by Boinder
Final Fight by YorutheMidnightWolf
Apollo VS Akira VS Swiftstorm - Optional Finale by hydranoid09
Hello Ryuunu lovers!

In previous poll, you've decided to go with Draw to Adopt event! We promised you that you can choose the Dog Breed by yourself, as long as it will be from one of FCI Groups. Starting today you will vote for the Group!

Please have in mind if you will choose a Group with big amount of Sections, like Group 05, we will do new poll choosing Sections! We probably will allow to choose dogs from up to 4 Sections

Hello Ryuunu Lovers!

We apologize for being so silent those weeks, both of us are struggling hard with life and we're trying our best to keep sane. This is why we're coming with an event that, hopefully, won't tire us too much and will give you a chance to get a Ryuunu just the way YOU want it :D

The two options are either Offer to Adopt or Draw to Adopt.
This event will be different from previous ones because we'll cut number of rules to follow!

1. Offer to Adopt
We give you FULL Ryuunu design. Dog breed, element and traits cannot be changed!

2. Draw to Adopt
We give you ONLY PATTERN design. You can choose element and traits.
You will be able to choose a dog breed, as long as it will fall into a Group and Sections we will choose, for example Spitz, Terriers, Molossoids, Retrievers, etc. We will base on categorization from FCI and we will choose the Group in a new poll if DtA is chosen.

Please note if this kind of DtA will be a success, we'll do more of this kind with other Groups. So if you'd like a Labrador Retriever Ryuunu (Group 8, Section 1) but we will do Asian Spitz DtA (Group 5, Section 5), it doesnt mean you won't get a chance to get Labrador Retriever Ryuunu :)

More Journal Entries

Thanks for your visit!

The most loyal, fluffy and huggable
Closed Species needs love!

base made by nekonotaishou


Admins don't count XD we are 2


Blue Footprint Icon by Cachomon What will you find in this group?
All the known Ryûnu until the moment! Isn't that exciting? Every day can appear a new one and be classified here!

Blue Footprint Icon by Cachomon What is a Ryûnu?
A mystical creature result of breeding a dragon with a dog. It is said they will bring happiness and good luck to the people that can get one. Read all the Species Guides for more information.

Blue Footprint Icon by Cachomon How to Join:
Press the Join our Group button and you will be automatically accepted! You don't need to own a Ryûnu to be a member.

Blue Footprint Icon by Cachomon How to get a Ryûnu:

Blue Footprint Icon by Cachomon Who owns a Ryûnu?
Check all people who owns one!

Blue Footprint Icon by Cachomon Rules:
  • You are able to submit Accepted Ryûnu
  • You CAN'T submit Not Accepted Ryûnu
  • Remember to choose the correct folder, please!
  • Remember Ryûnu is a CLOSED SPECIES that belongs to Cachomon&Tetsumon, so you can't create one without permission.

Orange Footprint Icon by Cachomon GOLD RULE: Orange Footprint Icon by Cachomon
All Ryûnu must be in this group, so to make it easier, you don't need to be a member to submit one here, it would be submitted in the "How about this Ryuunu?" folder and we would move it to the correct folder~

By the way, to be a member is recommended for those people that want a Ryuunu so badly, since all the Contests will have the requirement of being a member, and the Free Raffles aswell.

Blue Footprint Icon by CachomonRYUUNU GALLERY Blue Footprint Icon by Cachomon
The selected roles don't have any members!





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Aldecaalfi Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Student Filmographer
Uhm, tengo un apr de preguntitas, espero no moleste :3

Quiero cambiare unas cosas a Aquamarine, como ponerle membranas en la patas (parecido a Bitacora), y cambiarle el color de las gemas que tiene...

Para las membranas supongo que serían otros 20 de RP.

Tenía duda con los colores, puedo usar cualquier color para las gemas? Y si quiero cambiarle el color de los cuernos y bigotes?

Y es algo tarde pero gracias por la invitación <3 Esta especie me gustó desde que la vi hace meses *w* un año me parece...
Cachomon Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
Maldito deviantArt.............. no me avisa de estos mensajes x'D perdona por tardar... a ver si te lo puedo responder todo:

Puedes actualizar a tu bichito sip. Lo que tendrás que hacer es actualizar tu referencia si hay cambios físicos y su RP sheet, y comparar la cantidad de RP de antes con la nueva. Después de que te digamos "ok", podrás sustituir el RP sheet por el nuevo.

- Las membranas serían un trait de agua nuevo
- El color de las gemas no gasta RP, pero tendrás que arreglar la referencia o hacer una nueva~
- Para los cuernos y bigotes, puedes cambiar los colores sólo si tu Ryuunu tiene como mínimo 401RP de rareza. Los cuernos, pero, si tienen alguna de las coloraciones de la guía contarán como trait de ese elemento y por lo tanto subirán su rareza.

Me alegro muchísimo que te gusten los Ryuunu ;V; haré todo lo posible para llevarlas a todo el mundo :heart:
Shayera-Natasha Featured By Owner May 18, 2017
This species is so beautiful
Cachomon Featured By Owner May 18, 2017
Thank you so much!!! *^*

I have sent you an invitation :D you are very welcome to the community <3
Shayera-Natasha Featured By Owner May 24, 2017
thank you! Heart 
EVANGELION-02 Featured By Owner May 6, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for the invitation!!! =^0 ^=
Cachomon Featured By Owner May 6, 2017
:hug: I saw you liked the species and I thought "why not inviting!" XD<3

We hope you have fun with our events and everything ^v^/

What is currently ongoing is a closed contest, votations are being done and you can vote here: Use your MyO Ryuunu Ricket Event [VOTE+STREAMING] . Besides, one of the admins will vote today in streaming! You have a countdown there in the journal ;D
574Studios Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, I recently got a Ryuunu myo ticket (yellow) through a trade, but I got it out of impulse. I no longer want it, and therfore I am asking if any of you would want to trade something for it.
Cachomon Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2017
Arvemis Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2017  Student General Artist
Hello it's theflyinghusky here, it's just that i changed my name :) (Smile)
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